Appendix Notes

Packaged Assets

When DMS3 is initialized, a list of assets are added to the DMS3 UnixFS.

The list of assets include:

Default stopwords
This file is used by the search engine indexer. It is referenced from the params file generated when creating a new index container. the params file assumes this file exists at a well known path and file name in the dms3 repo index root (by default: ~/.dms3/index/stopwords)
Kind of Content schema
Metadata defining document field structure and semantics. The definitions are used to create index containers hosting documents of a certain kind.

Kind of Content Schema

The index config file is initialized with document kind metadata from the pre-packaged asset list. The asset list kind schema is a subset sourced from a working group focused on defining schema standards:

As a privacy concerned solution, the DMS3 subset excludes elements of schema typically used for tracking and targeted advertising, or that they are intended for features outside the scope of DMS3.

Blog metadata fields

  • About
  • The subject matter of the content
  • Author
  • Person author of this content
  • Citation
  • Reference to another article
  • Headline
  • Headline of the article
  • Language
  • one of the standard language codes
  • Keywords
  • Keywords or tags used to describe this content
  • Version
  • Version of the schema used
  • Description property from Thing
  • A description of the content

Person metadata fields

  • Address
  • Physical address of the person.
  • Affiliation
  • Organization that this person is affiliated with
  • Brand
  • The brand(s) maintained by person.
  • Email
  • Email address.
  • Telephone
  • The telephone number.
  • Name property from Thing
  • The name of the person.