How is DMS3 Better?

Informed Data Sharing

  • Information is intrinsically stationary
  • No unsolicited information flow, receiving endpoint must pull or opt-in
  • Each source independently chooses information to share publicly
  • Centralized services are optional
    • Data protection services
    • Data distribution capacity, availability, and reliability services
    • Independent centralized service sources

Competitive Revenue Sharing Opportunity

  • Any source can earn coins
  • Any source can spend coins
  • Any centralized service source can earn coins

Balanced Personal Protections

  • Strong privacy and security
  • Anonymous public distributed ledger
    • transactions are transparent, yet anonymous
    • identity and personal activity is not a product for sale
  • Each participant independently self-censors and decides acceptable speech
    • participants can independently validate claims
    • network facilitates claims management
    • network facilitates dispute resolution